De la fève au Palais à l'international

At DE LA FEVE AU PALAIS, we're more than just an artisanal chocolate maker, we're a passionate family dedicated to the exquisite art of chocolate, from Bean to Bar.

Every year, trips are scheduled to producer countries to gather flowers, spices, fruits, and pair them with chocolate from the same region to create a recipe of unprecedented excellence.

Since 2013, enthusiasm and French craftsmanship have driven us, constantly in search of new flavor combinations and creations.

We live this passion every day with our various collaborators, in a familial and convivial spirit, because finding joy in our work is our way of offering you French excellence !

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Bean to Bar Cocoa

At DE LA FEVE AU PALAIS, we believe in the authenticity of the Bean to Bar process. We carefully select each cocoa bean, working directly with producers to ensure quality, sustainability, and community respect.

Why DE LA FEVE AU PALAIS International?

-Artisanal Quality: Each chocolate is meticulously crafted by hand with special attention to detail.

-Terroir Respect: Our cocoa beans are sourced from ethical producers, showcasing the diversity of terroirs.

-Family Tradition: The love for chocolate,reflected in every creation.

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Join Us on This Gourmet Journey

Explore our export collection and let yourself be carried away on a unique sensory journey. Each piece of chocolate is an invitation to discover the authenticity, passion, and delicacy that make DE LA FEVE AU PALAIS a must-visit destination for chocolate enthusiasts worldwide.


Each range of chocolate bars is sourced from the cocoa of a single producer, highlighting the unique flavors developed by each terroir. This results in a true tasting pleasure, offering a broad palette of aromas and flavor.

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A dedicated team attentive to your needs and desires, even the most unique ones. 

                                                We deliver worldwide, taking care of everything to ensure you experience an absolute moment of indulgence.

For more information, our team is at your complete disposal.

Contact:  delafeveaupalais@gmail.com / kim.delafeveaupalais@gmail.com

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